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Easiheat - an extremely compact heat transfer solution with superior energy efficiency

EasiHeat™ is a compact steam-to-water heat exchange packaged solution designed to supply low temperature hot water (LTHW) and / or instantaneous domestic hot water (DHW).

The Spirax EasiHeat™ DHW offers you an extremely compact heat transfer solution with superior energy efficiency to help reduce fuel bills and reduce CO2 emissions compared to other steam-to-water heat transfer options.

Maximum output for minimum footprint. The core unit only occupies 2 m3 with even the largest output unit, fitted with all available options, only taking up 3.8 m3 to save floor space in the plant room.

All of the useful energy in the steam is used in the Spirax EasiHeat™ DHW unit, eliminating the waste that occurs in more traditional systems. This reduces the amount of steam required, which in turn reduces fuel demand and the associated CO2 emissions.

High quality, low maintenance components reduce maintenance costs. The Spirax EasiHeat™ DHW seldom requires an insurance inspection due to the very low volume of the heat exchanger. Having no storage or buffer tanks also eradicates a potential breeding place for Legionella or other bacteria and dispenses with the need for regular inspections.

Quicker, easier installation. The Spirax EasiHeat™ DHW is supplied as a preconfigured, tested, pre-assembled, skid mounted unit. Offsite fabrication reduces installation time and helps with speedy, trouble-free commissioning.

Due to its precisely matched and unique Spirax Sarco intelligent control, you can trust the Spirax EasiHeat™ DHW to deliver safe, accurate hot water at the point of use.

The Spirax EasiHeat™ DHW can operate at low and even sub-atmospheric conditions to minimise the risk of scaling in areas where it is prevalent.

We believe that the unique characteristics of the EasiHeat will be of great benefit to your operation.

EasiHeat heat exchanger

Key features and benefits

  • No waste design
  • Compact design
  • Touch screen control
  • Unique Spirax Intelligent Control
  • Pre-assembled, tested unit
  • Precisely matched controls
  • Easy integration

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