Clean Steam Generator

for Healthcare Sterilisation

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The CSG-HS is a clean steam generation system designed to guarantee steam quality in all dynamic load changes to match the application.

Our specialist engineers conducted a worldwide research programme to understand the needs and challenges that our customers were facing in the generation of high quality steam within hospitals and healthcare, in particular the well-known industry problem of wet packs in the sterilisation process.

This research formed the foundation for a ‘ground up’ redesign of our CSG portfolio and the development of CSG-HS, enabling us to offer a clean steam generation solution that consistently delivers, with no drop in reliability even when demand peaks.

CSG-HS includes a range of innovative design features and is supplied packaged and ready to install with simple commissioning.

Product features

  • Designed to exceed the requirements of EN285
  • Configurable options to suit individual requirements
  • Easy to maintain with minimal tools required
  • Intelligent PLC with Spirax Sarco developed SIMS technology

Technical illustration

CSG-HS: Clean Steam Generator System for Healthcare Sterilisation

Designed to guarantee steam quality in all dynamic load changes

Clean Steam Generator for Healthcare line drawing

CSG-HS for your Central Sterile Services

The CSG-HS is designed for maximum performance and reliability – a steam supply you can count on without interruptions to your sterilisation processes

Unlike alternative steam solutions, the CSG-HS can be housed externally from your main Sterile Services Department. This means when routine maintenance is required, you can do it without entering the sterile environment – so less risk of contamination and less interruption to your sterilisation processes.

CSG Healthcare sterilisation floorplan

Product range


CSG - HS - 020

nominal production capacity 233 kg/h (513 lbs/hr)*

CSG - HS - 055

nominal production capacity 620 kg/h (1366 lbs/hr)*

CSG - HS - 125

nominal production capacity 1384 kg/h (3051 lbs/hr)*

CSG - HS - 180

nominal production capacity 2016 kg/h (4444 lbs/hr)*

(*) max steam production at reference operating conditions: primary steam at 9 bar g (130.5 psi g), production at 4 bar g (58 psi g), feed water at 20 °C (68 °F).

Design Conditions

Primary side Design pressure    13 bar g
(188 psi g)
 For a bespoke design contact Spirax Sarco
Design temperature   195.1 °C
(383 °F)
Secondary side
Design pressure
  8 bar g
(116 psi g)
Design temperature
  195.1 °C
(383 °F)
Safety valve set pressure
  7 bar g
(101.5 psi g)
Design pressure
  8 bar g
(116 psi g)
Design temperature
without pump 
110 °C
(230 °F)
with pump 100 °C
(212 °F)

Maximum operating conditions

Without pump With pump 

Minimum ambient temperature: 0 °C
Designed for indoor installation only, protect from freezing.


Clean saturated steam, up to 6 bar g/165.0 °C
(Clean saturated steam, up to 97 psi g/206 °F)

Primary side 

 Plant steam, up to 12 bar g/191.7 °C
(Plant steam, up to 174 psi g/345 °F)

Feedwater  P min. ≥ P clean steam + 0.5 bar g
(P min. ≥ P clean steam + 7.2 psi g)
 Net positive suction head required
(see IM)
 P max 8 bar g/T max 110 °C
(P max 116 psi g/T max 230 °F)

 P max 8 bar g/T max 80 °C
(P max 116 psi g/T max 176 °F)

Note: Feedwater is recommended to be demineralised or Reverse Osmosis quality to ensure high performance.

Technical Documentation


CSG-HS Clean steam generation system for Healthcare



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Installation Documentation


CSG-HS Clean Steam Generation System



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