​Treat your boiler to a tailored chemical programme

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Water Treatment Overview

Our dedicated Water Treatment chemists team up with other staff to ensure that your boiler water and steam system is conditioned to its optimal state, minimising boiler fuel consumption from enhanced heat transfer surfaces and maximising boiler and overall steam system longevity.

Diagnosing mechanical issues in the steam piping often leads back to the boiler house, and this is where Spirax Sarco are different from any other Industrial Water Treatment supplier. Our Water Treatment department was established in New Zealand in 1996 to complement our mechanical range and combat steam issues by diagnosis from a ‘full-system’ approach.

Our tailored Water Treatment programmes encompass a chemical dosing regime, and also include regular water sampling and testing along with recommendations on the required system tweaks so your staff can focus on other tasks at hand. The results translate into operations where safety, reliability and efficiency are all achieved.

We don’t stop at boilers.

Our Water Treatment experts are also trained to cover more industrial site requirements including cooling tower chemical supply and management, and closed water systems. Each programme, which could encompass several technologies, will ensure that scale and corrosion are reduced, and microbiological growth is minimised.

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