Sisteme si Control pentru Cazan

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De la instalatii noi pentru centrale termice si pana la simpla inlocuire a robinetilor de purjare, noi avem solutia de care aveti nevoie.

Expandor pentru Purjare

Used to accommodate the blowdown water from the boiler(s).

Sisteme pentru Purja de Fund

Efficient blowdown (removal of impurities) is essential to maintaining steam quality.

Rezervoare de Alimentare

Our feedtanks are designed as atmospheric deaerators to increase efficiency and keep ongoing maintenance costs low.

Sisteme de Recupepare a Caldurii

Flash steam recovery from blowdown an efficient way to save energy and money.

Rolul Nivelului

A level control system consists of a sensor, controller, valve or pump and may be on-off or modulating. It is vital that your boiler water levels be monitored safely and accurately.

Racitor de Mostre

Stainless steel sample coolers, to take boiler water samples safely.

Injectoare de Abur

Steam injectors are used to inject live steam into feedtanks to drive off the dissolved oxygen.

Control pentru Purjare pentru TDS

During formation in the boiler, steam leaves behind impurities (TDS - total dissolved solids). If left these concentrate and cause damage to the boiler.

Cap Aerisitor

Fitted to the top of a vent pipe, dissipates the velocity of vapour ejected to atmosphere.

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