Spirax Sarco’s B850 Energy Monitor

makes it easy to measure true steam boiler efficiency



Allow energy and cost saving measures to be effectively implemented

Easy integration into existing BMS/IT systems

Accurately measure true boiler efficiency


The Spirax Sarco B850 Energy Monitor, steam system operators can accurately measure true boiler efficiency without the need for Building Management or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems that can be costly and time consuming to implement. 

Typically, steam system operators use burner efficiency to indicate boiler efficiency. However, this ignores energy losses that can occur after the burner, such as scaled or dirty heat transfer surfaces or excessive boiler blowdown rates. The only way to obtain true boiler efficiency is to meter all energy into the boiler (in the gas and feed water) and compare this with the useful energy out of the boiler (in the steam). 

The B850 Energy Monitor is an all-in-one unit that uses input data from gas, water and steam flow meters to calculate the energy efficiency of the boiler system without the need for additional equipment. 

The unit can display real-time and historical data for an easy way to detect drops in boiler efficiency and identify their causes quickly. This enables swift action to be taken to prevent unnecessary costs arising from inefficient boiler blowdown procedures, degradation of insulation or a system failure (for example, in heat recovery equipment). Using burner efficiency data alone, such changes can often go unnoticed until an expensive fuel bill comes in. 

The B850 Energy Monitor therefore enables energy and facilities managers to benchmark the efficiency of boiler settings and operating procedure, allowing energy and cost saving measures to be effectively implemented. It also provides proof of return on investment for any related expenditure.

The B850 Energy Monitor is compatible with all Spirax Sarco flowmeters - including the new ELM10 electromagnetic flowmeter for measuring fluid flow - and comprises standard 4-20mA pulse, BacNet, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP outputs for easy integration into existing BMS/IT systems.  It is easily commissioned via PC-based software using a setup wizard, ensuring minimal downtime. 

M850 flowmetering computer

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