Water Treatment

Water treatment

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Reduce Energy Consumption

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What is water treatment?

Water impurities can create challenging situations in boiler systems such as deposition, corrosion, and carry-over. When left untreated it can lead to costly breakdowns, reduced efficiencies and in some instances irreversible damage to boiler and steam reticulation systems.

With over 100 years of expertise in boiler systems, we are committed to providing mechanical solutions to mechanical problems and only use water treatment chemicals to enhance these solutions. In other words, unlike other water treatment companies, we are focused on the root cause of problems, rather than only dealing with the symptoms.

We ensure the success of our treatment programs by using clearly set KPIs, customer training and on-going site support services. With our computerised energy efficiency program, we will be able to benchmark the current efficiency of your boiler system and make further recommendations on where improvements can be made. 

Cooling water systems

In cooling water systems, corrosion, deposition, and micro-biological activity remain a major concern. Cooling systems harbouring bacteria, not only face corrosion risk (due to the acidic waste of bacteria) and reduced cooling efficiency (from biofilm), but they also pose a health risk for anyone in close vicinity.

Our AIRAH qualified sales and service representatives make sure a correctly designed water treatment program is implemented and controlled using sophisticated remote monitoring and dosing systems. Our experienced risk accessors are available to design and support you with the best legionella management plan for your cooling towers and domestic hot water systems.


Water Treatment Products

  • Boiler water treatment products; Maintenance and on-line cleaning products
  • Cooling water treatment products
  • Closed loop treatment products
  • Wastewater treatment products
  • Legionella monitoring for domestic hot water systems, water reservoirs
  • Pre-treatment and dosing equipment; Softeners, chlorine dioxide applications, dosing pumps, injection quills, cooling tower controllers, boiler efficiency monitors, boiler auto TDS controllers, sample coolers
  • Miscellaneous treatment products and services; Fuel additives, reverse osmosis chemicals, softener resin conditioners, flushing and passivation products, alkaline boil-out chemicals, anti-foams

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