Strainers and Filters

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Benefits of strainers and filters

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Reduce Maintenance Costs

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Improve Quality

Overview of strainers and filters

High efficiency steam strainers & filters for better quality steam.

Designed to remove solid particles from the steam supply.

Reduce levels of contamination.

Maintain quality of end product. 

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Technical Information

document language reference number download
Fig 12 Bronze Strainers English TI-164-02 Download PDF
Fig 12 SG Iron Strainer English TI-P163-01 Download PDF
Fig 14HP Carbon Steel Strainer English TI-P169-03 Download PDF
Fig 16, Fig 16L and Fig 16L Food+ Austenitic Stainless Steel Strainers English TI-P160-01 Download PDF
Fig 16HP Stainless Steel Strainer English TI-P169-08 Download PDF
Fig 18HP Alloy Steel Strainer English TI-P162-03 Download PDF
Fig 33 Cast Iron Strainer English TI-S60-03 Download PDF
Fig 34 Carbon Steel Strainer - ASTM Material English TI-P064-02 Download PDF
Fig 34 Carbon Steel Strainer - EN Material English TI-P064-01 Download PDF
Fig 34 Carbon Steel 'Y' Type Strainer - DN250 to DN400 (10" to 16") English TI-P168-07 Download PDF
Fig 34HP Carbon Steel Strainer English TI-P168-01 Download PDF
Fig 36 Austenitic Stainless Steel Strainer English TI-P160-02 Download PDF
Fig 3616 Austenitic Stainless Steel Strainer - ASTM Material English TI-P160-04 Download PDF
Fig 3616, Fig 3616 Food+ Austenitic Stainless Steel Strainer - DIN Material English TI-P160-05 Download PDF
Fig 36HP Stainless Steel Strainer English TI-P160-11 Download PDF
Fig 37 SG Iron Strainer English TI-P081-01 Download PDF
Fig 3716 SG Iron Strainer - DIN Material English TI-P081-03 Download PDF
Fig 4 Brass Strainer English TI-P164-01 Download PDF
Pressure Drop Information (Resistance to Flow of Water) for Strainers English TI-S60-21 Download PDF
TP1, TP2, TP3 and Spacer Ring Stainless Steel Temporary Strainers English TI-P169-06 Download PDF

Installation Documentation

document language reference number download
Fig 12, Fig 14HP, Fig 16, Fig 16HP and Fig 16L Strainers English IM-S26-01 Download PDF
Fig 12, Fig 14HP, Fig 16, Fig 16HP, Fig 16L and Fig 16L Food+ Strainers English IM-S60-17 Download PDF
Fig 18HP Butt Weld Strainer English IM-P162-04 Download PDF
Fig 7, 33, 33.1, 34, 34HP, 36, 36HP, 37, 3616, Fig 3716 and Fig 3616 Food+ Flanged Strainers English IM-S60-18 Download PDF

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