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A level control system consists of a sensor, controller, valve or pump and may be on-off or modulating.

It is vital that your boiler water levels be monitored safely and accurately.

Products compliant with all relevant European standards and regulations.

Safe working environment for your employees.

Reduce the risk of accidents in the boiler house. 

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Electronic Steam Boiler Controls



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Technical Information

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APS1 Probe Simulator English TI-P402-68 Download PDF
C2 Probe Chamber English TI-P402-41 Download PDF
DCV3/B Boiler Feed Check Valve English TI-P402-121 Download PDF
Electrical Enclosures - General Purpose - Plastic English TI-P402-29 Download PDF
PA420 Preamplifier English TI-P402-138 Download PDF
Probe Flanges for External Level Control Chambers English TI-P402-07 Download PDF
Probe Flanges for Protection Tubes English TI-P402-06 Download PDF
Remote Alarm and Shutdown Panels for Boilers English TI-S75-06 Download PDF
Selection of Modulating Feedwater Valves Electrically Actuated English TI-S75-11 Download PDF
Selection of Modulating Feedwater Valves Pneumatically Actuated English TI-S75-12 Download PDF
SPV1 and SPV3 Sequencing Purge Valves English TI-P402-42 Download PDF
WV1 Water Valve - Pilot Operated English TI-P402-03 Download PDF

Installation Documentation

document language reference number download
APS1 Probe Simulator English IM-P402-69 Download PDF
LC1350 Level Controller English IM-P402-129 Download PDF
LC2650 Level Controller English IM-P402-128 Download PDF
LC3050 Level Controller English IM-P402-131 Download PDF
Level Control Systems Supplementary Safety Information English IM-P402-115 Download PDF
Level Probe LP10-3 English IM-P402-49 Download PDF
LP10-4 Level Probe English IM-P402-92 Download PDF
LP20 Capacitance Level Probe English IM-P402-37 Download PDF
LP30 High Integrity, Self-monitoring Low Level Alarm Probe English IM-P402-44 Download PDF
LP31 Level Probe English IM-P402-80 Download PDF
PA20 Preamplifier English IM-P402-67 Download PDF
PA420 4-20 mA Loop Powered Level Preamplifier English IM-P402-139 Download PDF
Remote Alarm and Shutdown Panel English IM-P402-52 Download PDF

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