Regional Tea Industry

Engineering Sustainable Growth

Our Purpose:  Reducing Environmental Impacts and Increasing Fuel Efficiency

The issue:

During steam heated air drying of tea leaves firewood is used to generate steam;  environmental impacts from overuse of firewood

The solution:

Engineered solution to modulate steam flow to the drying bed, including 6 control valve stations

The result:  

Increased fuel efficiency

Firewood use reduced by 12% per annum

Reduced environmental impacts

17 month payback

With Tea small changes can make a big difference - James and the team are waiting for your call

Regional Tea Industry Specialisaton -  Optimising Quality and Yield

When it comes to Tea production James Mburu has learned what is important in order to optimise quality and yield.

Covering Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Tanzania, our qualified Steam Specialists are here to support you.

Your local mobile Steam expert James can advise you how to optimise your Steam System Performance in order to get the best out of your plant's processing capabilities. 

James can advise on:

Productivity Performance Improvements

Energy Recovery

New System Design

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