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Health and safety in the workplace is a top priority for any responsible organisation. Our Health and Safety compliance service helps you meet the plethora of highly detailed and technical requirements surrounding the running of steam and pressure systems.

Typically offered as part of a Steam System Audit, our H&S Compliance service encompasses:

Assessment of steam boiler level control systems for compliance with Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Guidance INDG436 and BG01, which provides for reduced manning and supervision of the boiler house, lowering operating costs.

Assessment of steam boiler blowdown systems for compliance with HSE Guidance Note PM60 which covers the safety of bottom and side blowdown procedures, as well as blowdown vessels that contain and cool blown down boiler water safely.

Assessment of steam boiler operation for compliance with the HSE INDG436 and BG01 guidance, for the safe operation of steam boilers. We can provide help and advice on compliance, including boiler operation, personnel competence and duties, training, testing of controls and water quality, maintenance and record-keeping.

Testing of Spirax Sarco Overheat protection systems to prevent excess temperature providing peace of mind that the high limit cut-out will operate satisfactorily when required, protecting people from the risk of scalding.

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