Connected Services

Maximize your steam system's potential with data-driven insights

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Benefits of connected services

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Monitor your system 24/7

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Save Process Energy

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Visualize data through a dedicated web-based portal

What is connected services?

Connecting over the internet to your system provides 24/7 visibility of your performance. The data we gather allows us to offer you exciting new digital solutions such as real-time monitoring, in-depth analytics and even remote audits to find ways to improve system performance, bringing benefits such as energy and cost savings.

Wireless steam trap monitoring

Track your steam system performance through Wireless Monitoring technology and reduce CO2 emissions and steam losses, our steam trap monitors detect both open and closed failures on all steam trap types

Steam insights serviceS

Our Steam Insight offering provides the supply and installation of suitable, non-intrusive sensoring equipment (zero downtime) and an independent wireless network, for the period of the installation

  • • Blocked Steam Trap Detector
  • • Safety Valve Leak Indicator
  • • Overlfow Incident Detector
  • • Pump Cavitation Risk Indicator
  • • Pump Trap Operation Monitor

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