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Across all industries COVID-19 is having a significant impact on the continuity of business and operations. Many industries are playing a vital role in supporting the current situation, from treating patients with the virus in hospitals, through the development of vaccines, and a number of key industrial sectors such as food and energy production. 

Steam Systems can be a critical part of your processes and Spirax Sarco is here to support you in the following ways:

To help keep your plant running, reach our technical support helpline

You can always reach us for expert technical support via phone or email:

Technical Helpline: +1 (800) 265 7747


Alternatively, pick up date and time below to book online meeting with one of our Steam Experts.

Risk assessment audits and risk mitigation plans

Having access to critical spares in the event of maintenance issues can be a worry during times of supply chain disruption. Because of this we are offering plant assessments, at no charge, from one of our steam experts to help you identify critical components of your steam system and put a Spares and Maintenance Program in place. 

For a Risk Assessment Audit please contact us: +1 (800) 265 7747  or

***We know that your health and safety is important, that is why all Spirax Sarco personnel who visit your site will comply fully with both site and government COVID-19 guidance. 


Helping you respond to changing operational demands with steam system design & optimisation

For industries who need to increase production or capacity, (e.g. Hospitals installing new or restarting old sterilisers; Pharmaceuticals increasing production of medicines; or food processors coping with exceptional demand), our team of Steam Experts continue to be at your disposal to support your needs.

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Gain access to industry leading training and documentation

As ever, our online training and technical resources can be found here, and if you have a requirement for bespoke training we are able to help with that too.

Stay safe with our Steam System Safety tips

You may be facing increasing changes in operations that require steam system shutdowns and subsequent start-ups. Following good steam practice at these times is especially critical to safety, ensuring that water is eliminated before and during start-up. Failure to do so will almost certainly result in water hammer - endangering personnel and damaging system components.

Please read our Steam System Safety Tips for more information.


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