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Steam trap health risk calculator

Spirax Sarco Steam Trap S.O.S

Do your steam traps need a health check? Our steam trap health risk calculator will ask 10 questions to estimate the condition of your steam trap population as HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW risk. Discover your risk rating in just 3 minutes.

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Could your hospital's sterilisation process be more reliable and consistent?

Our guide provides focused information about the sterilisation process and what you should be aware of to ensure your patient's safety

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Food and Beverage

Insights for Efficiency

If downtime due to maintenance issues is causing you a headache and you need to find ways to reduce waste while maintaining an excellent product, you might find answers in our insights paper ‘Are your control valves spoiling your process?'

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Avoid contamination risk

Where steam is in direct contact with your food product.

Spirax Sarco can help reduce the potential food contamination risk in your direct injection process.

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Talking Steam Podcast

Series 1: Focus on Food

Listen how you could save energy and water through effective heat recovery

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