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Case Study

Advancing Sustainability

Image from a dairy

A California Dairy's Success in Reducing CO2 Emissions by 3,150 Tonnes

A dairy product manufacturer reached out to our USA team with the initial intention to enquire about having a steam trap survey at one of their plants in California.

This business has a high focus on finding potential energy and water savings – not least because of water shortages due to local wildfires, and they were keen to improve safety and productivity where possible.

Our local sales engineer first walked the plant, to see if anything immediately caught his attention. Straight away he could see that the clean-in-place area was inefficient with hot condensate being discarded. By engaging with key stakeholders at the facility the engineer was able to explain that a much more efficient system could be installed here, and the significant benefits that could be gained.

Our team designed and installed a condensate return package able to handle all process conditions in the clean-in-place area, ensuring the heat energy in the hot condensate would be re-used and no longer wasted and also providing a safer working environment for staff.

The sustainability gains have been significant –

  • Approximately 39.9M gallons/year water saving (equivalent to 33 Olympic-sized swimming pools)
  • Approximately 3,150 tonnes CO2 reduction per year

Our team continues to work with the customer - with other projects underway, and the company is looking at rolling out similar energy saving projects at their other facilities. We’ll be on hand to advise and support on best practice within the customers steam system and opportunities that are available for energy, water, and cost savings as well as efficiency and productivity improvements.