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L1 – Steam Engineering Fundamentals - 27th Jan, 24th May and 02nd Nov 2022 

In this course, one can learn about Steam basics, Steam properties like Enthalpy of steam, a happy steam system, effects of Air & Moisture in Steam systems and quality of steam.

L2 – Steam Trapping & Conditioning - 9th Feb, 2nd Jun and 16 Nov 2022

In this course, one can learn about, what is Steam trap, its classifications, why we have different steam traps, its principle of operation, applications, details on Strainers and Moisture Separators.

L3 – Steam Boiler Plant Fundamentals - 9th Mar, 20th Jul and 14th Dec 2022 

In this course, one can learn about typical Boilers, its characteristics, boiler fittings and their purposes, Steam take‐off, TDS impacts, blowdown systems, types of levelcontrols and what to look on boiler house.

L4 – Steam Pressure Controls & Metering - 13th Apr and 24th Aug 2022

In this course, one can learn about basics of Steam Regulating valves, its types,  principle of operation, what is Droop, Control valve basics, Pressure reducing stations, Safety valve basics and Steam flow metering.

L5 – Steam Products Sizing and Selection - 11th May and 07th Sep 2022

In this course, one can learn about Steam traps selection criteria, Safety valve sizing, Control valve terminologies, Control valve sizing and Pressure reducing station sizing.

L6 – Flash & Condensate Management - 15th June and 12th Oct 2022

In this course, one can learn about Flash Steam, flash steam recovery, Flash vessels, what is STALL condition, other condensate recovery solutions and details of Pump package systems in condensate management.

L7 – Understanding Steam Controls & Instrumentation - 06th Jul 2022

In this course, one can learn about common terminologies associated with voltage and current, what is instrument signal, 4-20mA concepts, PID controls and control loops, Pressure /Temperature controllers and flow computer /totalizers.

L8 – Effective Heat Transfer Solutions - 10th Aug 2022

In this course, one can learn about PHE evaluation, traditional hot water system configuration, componentry, how to save energy in hot water systems, safety feature, how to overcome STALL in heat exchanger, EasiHeat technology /benefits, bit theory on heat load calculations and loose heat exchangers.

L9 – Heat Load Theory & Calculations - 28th Sep 2022

In this course, one can learn about Heat load calculations associated with Heat rating, Air flow, calculation of LMTD & its impact in heat transfer, Steam load calculations for flow type and non-flow type applications and its implications. Start-up load and Running load calculations.

Offline Training 

Efficient Steam System (2 Days) - 21st – 22nd Apr 2022 and 22nd and 23rd Sep 2022

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