Efficient Steam Systems

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  • Location: Chennai
  • Course duration: 2 days
  • Course fee: INR 25,000 plus GST

Who is it for?

This comprehensive 3 day course is for anyone who wants to learn about all aspects of the boiler house, steam and condensate system and steam plant, including safety, efficiency and best practices.

What is it about?

Introduction to steam and condensate systems

Fundamentals of steam and its uses
Components of a steam and condensate system
How steam gets to the point of use
Why condensate is formed, how and why it is removed and its value
Reasons for reducing pressure at the point of use

Steam Boiler House Fundamentals (Shell Boiler)

Covers all aspects of the boiler house, safety and efficiency from a fundamental level

Types of boilers
Boiler fittings and their use
Understand how boilers produce steam and how this can affect other areas of the steam plant, e.g. load, erosion and water hammer
Elements of feed water treatment, de-aeration and storage
Boiler water level control, evaporation test and alarms
Blowdown controls, vessels and pits
Benefits of heat recovering systems and efficiency fundamentals
Requirements of efficient best practice
Importance of managing water treatment operations
Importance of water treatment guidelines
Schemes to prevent scale, corrosion and fouling, and chemical dosing requirements

Design of steam and condensate systems

Comprehensive design training to help you implement the best practices in steam system

Properties of steam and why it is used
Calculate the steam demand for different types of steam plant
Size pressure reducing valves, steam pipe, condensate pipe, control valves, steam traps, condensate pumps, flash vessels, safety valves and blowdown vessels
Cost of Steam
Good Engineering Practices
Case Study

Steam Plant Maintenance

Comprehensive maintenance training to help you cut costs and improve the efficiency of your steam system

Requirements of steam distribution systems
Need for different steam traps and air vents
Different methods of steam trap checking and their advantages and disadvantages
Trapping, Stall and basic fluid theory
Importance of Condensate Recovery
Need for pressure reduction and the different types available
Factors affecting control valves
Importance of flash steam recovery
Explain how safety valves are set, as well as lifting and leaking
Clean Steam Systems
Understanding Pressure & Temperature Control
Energy Saving Steam Systems
Steam Metering

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