Design of Steam and Condensate Systems

Bellows Sealed Stop Valve Installation

Course details

  • Course duration: 2 days
  • Course fee: AED 5,250 (+VAT)

Who is it for?

Designers, consultants, plant engineers, and those responsible for the general layout of steam and condensate services.

What is it about?

This project based course provides specialist knowledge of current practices in steam and condensate systems, and the factors to be considered in their design.

Course objectives

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the properties of steam and why it is used
  • Calculate the steam demand for different types of steam plant
  • Understand the requirements of steam distribution system
  • Understand the need for different steam traps and air vents
  • Understand the different methods of steam trap checking and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Explain the requirement to remove and recover condensate
  • Understand the need for pressure reduction and the different types available
  • Explain the factors affecting control valves
  • Realise the importance of flash steam recovery
  • Explain how safety valves are set, lift and leak
  • Size pressure reducing valves, steam pipe, condensate pipe, control valves, steam traps, condensate pumps, flash vessels, safety valves and blowdown vessel


A good technical knowledge is needed.


Sharjah or Customer Site.


The course starts 9:00am on the first day and finishes at 4:30pm on the final day.

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