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Your needs are our priority

We know that making your website better is not simply about a new design, but providing you with the steam expertise you need to support you and your business when and where you need it.

The priority of our new website is ensure that you can easily access steam expertise that supports your business. 

This means the website is easy to navigate with quick access to our products and services all available on desktop, mobile and tablet.


We have designed the website to provide quick and easy access to industry-led steam solutions that cater for every aspect your steam system.

Find out how our steam solutions can benefit your business and how our extensive in-depth technical information will help you to find the solution that best fits your steam operations.


Steam expertise is at the heart of what we do, which is why we know that keeping your operation running smoothly, efficiently and with minimal environment impact is your priority. 

We can work with you on a one-off project to upgrade or expand your steam plant, through to providing permanent support for your ongoing operations to ensure your system is always operational. 

Our experienced teams tailor services to suit your business, to help you achieve the best return on your steam system investment. 

Find out how to take advantage of our expert capabilities and extensive resources to make your life easier.  

Expert capabilities

From a one-off project right up to experts working permanently to support ongoing operations, make your life easier by working with the right people who have specialist skills.  

Your Industry is our Priority

Steam is a must-have utility in many industries, from food and beverage, pharmaceutical and pulp and paper, through to hospitals.

We understand the day-to-day needs of your sector and we have deep industry know-how.  We've included many case studies throughout the website, so that you can see the practical application of Spirax products and all of the benefits they have brought to our customers.

You can find out how Spirax helped a brewing customer to save £60,000 in one year after installing our steam traps, or how a hospital achieved a five figure annual saving by installing our innovate Easiheat unit.

You can rely on us to deliver a solution tailored to your needs.  

Our goal was to provide you with an easy way to learn about our services and solutions and also to allow you to browse information based on your industry.
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We have the most complete worldwide coverage of any business in our sector with 122 operating units in 47 countries and over 100,000 customers, we can truly be called a global leader in steam.

Despite our world-wide presence, our strength lies with being able to provide you a specialist service at a local level. 

You will work with our highly qualified local experts and engineers whilst benefitting from our extensive steam knowledge of global steam projects.

Please get in touch with your local steam experts.

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