Steam Quality Testing

Do you know which grade of steam is right for you?

Engineer checking machinery

Как может это отразиться на Вашем предприятии?


Achieve Safety Standards and Compliance

Pressure gauge

Повышение эффективности производства

Engineer auditing steam equipment

Что он включает

Eliminating wet or dirty steam can cut your energy costs, improve productivity and product quality, as well as reduce maintenance workload.

The scope ensures your steam system is EN285, HTM 2010, CFPP and food safety compliant.

Measuring dryness value and dryness fraction to assess steam wetness and its suitability for your steam plant.

Measuring the level of incondensable gases in your steam.

Monitoring of steam pressure and temperature to find potential problems with peak loads or other steam supply shortfalls.

Inspecting the physical steam system and its operation from boiler water treatment to condensate return.

Issuing a steam quality certificate and a full report with recommendations for maintaining or improving steam quality to raise operating efficiency of the entire steam system.

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