Steam and energy


Steam and power generation plants face increasing challenges associated with frequent cycles that need to meet variations in demand while optimising fuel costs and dealing with pressures to keep within minimum standards for environmentally damaging emissions.

These operating conditions put thermal and mechanical stress on the equipment and can quickly lead to failure. To comply with their commitments, plants needs to increase their availability whilst facing the challenge of limited resources and an increasingly reduced workforce.

To meet these growing challenges, energy plants need a specialised partner they can turn to in these challenging times. When it comes to reliability and productivity, control valves play an important role in any process control loop and are essential to the overall performance of processes and equipment that work with saturated, superheated or condensed steam.

Hiter Controls is a pioneering company in Brazil in the development of control valve products and solutions for the various production sectors, including steam and energy. It is the market leader in Brazil in supplying solutions for energy plants in the sugar and alcohol sector, and also has a strong presence in conventional thermoelectric plants. Hiter has a complete solution in control valves for the energy generation industry, including the most critical, such as steam conditioning valves.

Its portfolio also includes a complete range of steam desuperheaters, boiler feed valves, steam vent valves, pump minimum flow valves, valves for steam blowers, boiler bottom discharge and more. Hiter has solutions for valves in critical applications, with robust anti-cavitation and low noise trim designed to absorb high pressure differentials while eliminating cavitation and noise resulting from severe process conditions.

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