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Case Study

Canlar Mekatronik

Canlar Mekatronik equipment and system

Canlar Mekatronik

Textile OEM sees increased process productivity due to 15% process time improvements

Canlar Mekatronik are a global force in designing and building machines for the textile industry, especially fabric dyeing machines. Their forward looking strategy has seen them expand their production facilities, introduce high end machinery and invest in research and development to create innovative sustainable technologies. 

Canlar Mekatronik contacted Spirax Sarco for support with a water hammer issue one of their customers had been facing. Water hammer can be a common but easily resolved problem within steam systems, however left unchecked it can lead to serious Health and Safety issues, along with secondary issues relating to damage to the system, resulting in increased maintenance and plant downtime along with a shorter equipment lifecycle.


A more sustainable solution

Working in partnership with Canlar Mekatronik, Spirax Sarco Engineers used their unrivalled steam expertise to carefully examine the system. They gave valuable technical advice on how to eliminate the safety related issues caused by water hammer and collaborated with Canlar’s engineers on how to optimise the steam system and enhance its performance. 


By adopting the changes recommended by Spirax Sarco, the performance of Canlar Mekatronik’s fabric dyeing machine improved significantly with a 15% time saving in the heating and cooling processes. 

This has delivered significant productivity improvements and importantly savings in energy, waste and water have resulted in a more sustainable solution. This is a key driver and focus for Canlar Mekatronik who continuously strive for the development of environmentally friendly products and production processes.

These shared environmental and social priorities between Canlar and Spirax Sarco provide a strong platform for an enduring business partnership.


Spirax Sarco are true experts in steam. Their advice has resulted in an impressive increase in productivity for our machine, giving a more sustainable and reliable solution that gives long term value for ourselves and our customers
Canlar Mekatronik

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