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Introducing Food+

reducing risk in your food and beverage steam system

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Knowing just how critical steam is to your industry, we set out to develop a portfolio of steam components designed exclusively for food and beverage systems. The result is Food+

Why we developed Food+

Steam is vital to so many processes found in the food industry. So much so, it's difficult to find one where steam isn't involved at some point.

Like you, we've long recognised the importance of steam quality in the industry, and 'clean steam' is now widely accepted as the minimum level that innovative producers are prepared to accept.

Our broad experience in helping food and beverage industry leaders with their systems has also given us an in-depth understanding of the complexity and challenges involved.

We asked ourselves how we could go further with minimising risk, and what solutions could we offer to accomplish this.

The result is the launch of our range of steam products certified compliant with Regulation EC 1935/2004: Food+

How Food+ benefits your business

If you operate in Europe, and you're in the food and beverage industry, then there's no doubt you'll be familiar with EC 1935/2004. Focusing on food contact materials (FCMs), it's a critical piece of legislation for any producer to deal with.

However, it is a work in progress, and a survey across the industry saw stakeholders asking for specific measures at EU level for the FCMs that are not yet grouped under the Regulation’s remit.¹

Many of our customers were also keen to stay ahead of the curve too, leading us to examine, review, and where necessary improve components used in a food and beverage steam system.

When it came to the required organoleptic and migratory tests, we used a global leader in the field of bespoke assurance, testing, inspection and certification services.

Now, for the first time, it is possible to be confident that components in your steam process are fully certified to EC 1935/2004 requirements.

Food Contact Materials Assessment

Food and steam are perfect partners. There are just a few things to remember when steam is in direct contact with food or something that touches food.