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Case Study

Safe sampling

Spirax Sarco engineer with sample coolers

Safe Sampling: 64 Tonnes of CO2 per year saved for fishing products processor

A Peruvian company dedicated to the extraction and processing of fishing products was experiencing some issues with flash steam from the boiler water sampling process.

As water was sampled hot, it was generating flash steam. This was not only a burning risk to the operator, but also meant the sample was not accurate – because the concentration of TDS (total dissolved solids) was not a true reflection of the boiler water when losing some water to flash steam.

After conducting a boiler house energy audit the Spirax Sarco engineer could see that the method of measuring TDS in the boiler water could be improved and took steps to advise the customer accordingly - in line with their budget.

By installing sample coolers at the collection points, all the issues were resolved. Safe and accurate sampling is now possible, and the customer was able to make savings on water, fuel and chemical additives. There was also a significant CO2 saving as a result of the upgrade and our engineer was pleased to be able to support the customer on this activity that contributed to the company’s overall sustainability strategy.

Benefits of this activity included:

  • 845.07 GJ/Year energy savings
  • 64.22 Tonnes/Year CO2 reduction
  • 1,254.87 M3/Year water savings
  • 23,554.88 USD/year cost savings