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Case Study

Van Aarsen Machinefabriek BV


Van Aarsen Machinefabriek BV

Van Aarsen seek new partner to improve service and total life-cycle costs

Van Aarsen is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) who make and sell state of the art machinery for the production of animal feed. Founded in 1949 in The Netherlands, Van Aarsen has developed into one of the world’s leading companies for feed and premix process technology.

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As part of their solution, where steam is used as part of the process, Van Aarsen supply pressure reducing and flow control products which are fit for purpose and reliable.

Van Aarsen were unhappy with high service and total life-cycle costs from their previous solution. 

By carefully listening to Van Aarsen’s concerns, Spirax Sarco Engineers were able to put forward a proposal that resolved pains for Van Aarsen and their customers.

“Spirax Sarco’s technical expertise and competence enabled them to truly understand our application and challenges, so that a fit for purpose solution was delivered with improved and reliable lead-times that optimised our solution.”
Mr Hans Boonen from Van Aarsen

Utilising our expert technical steam knowledge, Spirax Sarco optimised the system design and simplified the component selection, whilst ensuring that the machinery performance requirements and specifications were met.

This resulted in increased reliability, reducing maintenance requirements and the total life cycle costs of the machine, whilst increasing plant uptime and productivity. 

Furthermore, productivity improvements were made as the design optimisation increased the steam quality, which in turn improved the quality of the end product. 

The design changes included equipment selection which halved lead-times. Finally, Spirax Sarco was able to demonstrate our commitment to ethical practices, an important consideration for Van Aarsen.

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