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Case Study

Dairy in Spain

Spirax Sarco Positioner

Customer: Dairy Company

Dairy company improves control valve performance in their production processes by using Spirax Sarco Spira-trol valves


The issue

Using a tubular heat exchange system within their process, this customer was experiencing issues with leaking control valves. Over time the control valves had become worn out and were unable to achieve a secure closure. This was affecting the efficiency of the heat exchange system as it was not always able to function within the set parameters, and was also leading to water hammer.

The solution

The customer had considered installing an actuated ball valve in front of the control valve in order to achieve tight shut off, however we explained that trying to resolve the problem in this way would have its own disadvantages -

The pipework would need to be re-worked in order to install another valve,
The new valve would require an additional control signal,
There would be an increase in compressed air consumption.

We recommended replacing the control valves with our Spira-trolTM valve with a soft seat. This valve is capable of modulating and at the same time gives a watertight closure.

The result

Spira-trolTM valves were installed at the two most critical points of the process. After monitoring the valves over a nine-month period using a thermo graphic camera, the customer found the Spira-trolTM valves were leak-free. The customer was so impressed with the performance that they subsequently installed eight more Spira-trolTM valves, replacing the modulating valves previously used.

After the first year of operation, the valves were opened for inspection of the soft seats and were found to be fully effective and in good condition. Our Spira-trolTM valves have led to significantly reduced maintenance costs for this customer, they are assured that their process is functioning efficiently and are confident in the performance of our solutions.

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