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Case Study

Minnesota Dairy, USA

Milk production line

Minnesota Dairy, USA

Dairy is guaranteed steam purity in its cheese production thanks to Spirax Sarco

A producer of cheese products was heating the washdown water for cheese vats by direct steam injection, without a steam filtration device installed. Whilst pleased with this simple method of heating, the customer was concerned that any particulates entering the washdown water during steam injection may ultimately contaminate the vats being cleaned. This could potentially contaminate the cheese production.

The Solution

The customer wished to retain the simple direct steam injection system but wanted to eliminate the risk of particle contamination entering the cheese process. Therefore, we supplied and installed the following solution:

• A separator was installed in the incoming steam supply line, which removed a high percentage of the entrained moisture, preventing potential damage to the temperature control valve. A pneumatically actuated two port control valve and controller was installed to control tank temperature

• A high performance CSF16 steam filter was fitted ensuring the steam was filtered to 3A ‘culinary steam’ standard. A vacuum breaker was also added to prevent any of the heated water being drawn back up into the filter during certain periods of operation

• A stainless steel injector system was installed to efficiently mix the steam with the water minimising noise and tank vibration. One of the stipulations from the customer was to reduce noise levels in the production facility

The Result

• Guaranteed steam filtration from particulate contamination in compliance with the 3-A Culinary Steam Standard
• Inexpensive installation of a cleanable filter element for reduced operating costs
• Accurate temperature control
• Quiet and efficient operation
• The risk of loss of production and consumer dissatisfaction through product contamination has been reduced.

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