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Everyone is included

...because we’re all unique, we’re all valued and at Spirax-Sarco Engineering, Everyone is Included

Since 1888, we have attracted the brightest, most dedicated people who share our focus on steam engineering as a force for good.  Over those 130+ years, we have listened to those people, our customers, and the communities we operate within.  By doing so, we are making our culture one that includes all, disadvantages none, and is continually improving.

Today Spirax-Sarco Engineering has arrived at our ambitious and far-reaching Inclusion Plan, Everyone is Included.  The plan is a blueprint for positive change, for all our future’s sake.  Looking into the mirror, seeing where we are, and talking to our people to hear where they wanted to be, have led to this determination to evolve our Business.

We want everyone across our Group to be able to be themselves and to know they’re valued, supported and welcome here. I know inclusion is my job, but it matters personally too. And if being the real me and visibly, vocally and actively championing inclusion changes things even just for one person, it’ll be worth it – and that’s something we can all do too.
Darren Towers, Head of Inclusion, Equity and Wellbeing – Spirax-Sarco Engineering

Central to Spirax-Sarco Engineering’s dedication to inclusion are 10 Group Inclusion Commitments.  Our commitments apply to everyone who works within our Group and are one way in which we aim to make a positive difference to the lives of our colleagues around the world. They include introducing new paid benefits, such as:

  • Gender-neutral parental leave – a minimum of 16 weeks paid leave for any colleague who becomes a new parent, whoever they are, wherever they are and how ever they become a parent
  • Caregiver leave – helping every colleague who is a caregiver to support their loved ones or take time for self-care with an additional 15 days of paid caregiver leave every year
  • Dedicated leave to support colleagues who experience pregnancy loss of any kind
  • Introducing paid ‘safe leave’ for colleagues who experience domestic violence or abuse 

Through our Inclusion Commitments, we have also:

  • Worked with our Women’s Network to create and launch a set of menopause-friendly workplace principles and guidance on positive menstrual health at work. 
  • Committed to becoming an increasingly gender-balanced, ethnically diverse, disability confident and faith-aware employer – supporting initiatives including the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles, Change the Race Ratio campaign and the Race at Work Charter.
  • Signed the United Nations LGBTI Standards of Conduct for business – meaning we will always be a safe place for all lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer and questioning colleagues. 

Our approach to inclusion also includes a strong focus on wellbeing and mental health, embracing hybrid working and empowering our colleagues to grow their knowledge, skills and confidence as active advocates of inclusion and wellbeing.

We believe that inclusion is a team effort. When all of our colleagues can be themselves and achieve their full potential, we’re better able to create the more efficient, safer and sustainable world that we all aspire to have – and we all have a role in making that a reality.

This is a journey that will develop and grow in the years ahead. We’ll add to it over time. We’ll celebrate our successes and we’ll learn from things that don’t quite go to plan. We’ll share our experiences and make progress along the way. We’ll become even more inclusive and we’ll do it together.
Nick Anderson, Group Chief Executive, Spirax-Sarco Engineering

We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and there will always be room for improvement. That only makes us more driven.  Our goal is for Spirax-Sarco Engineering to become a beacon of what can be achieved when inclusion, equity and wellbeing are paramount. We want to see that happen as quickly as possible too.

Spirax Sarco is part of the Spirax-Sarco Engineering Group. To find out more, or download Spirax-Sarco Engineering’s Inclusion Plan, please visit our dedicated page Everyone is Included: our plan for an inclusive, equitable and healthy future for all

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