Steam Traps and Condensate Pumps

Course Code: STM-201M
Title: Steam Traps and Condensate Pumps
Seminar Length: 1 Day
Fee: $350
Course Details: Who should attend?
Contractors, Pipefitters, Plumbers, Maintenance staff and Facilities and Operations personnel who are responsible for installation, operation, energy savings, troubleshooting, and maintenance of steam traps, condensate pumps, pressure and temperature control systems.

Subjects covered:
A hands-on study of steam traps and condensate pumps including: Basic product types, installation, operation, testing, troubleshooting, repair and economic impact.

CEU credit may be obtained for this course at specific training locations and on specific training dates. Confirm CEU credit with Training Coordinator at time of payment.
Dates & Locations:

Allentown, PA

  • May 13th 2014
  • Jun 5th 2014
  • Sep 11th 2014
  • Nov 6th 2014
Pre-Training: STM-100
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