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Effective condensate management – helping to reduce your operating costs and protect process equipment.

Spirax Sarco condensate recovery systems ensure condensate is collected from your steam system and returned to your boiler. This delivers benefits in two main areas; reduced operating cost and process equipment protection.

How can effective condensate recovery help to reduce your operating costs?

Returning the highest possible percentage of condensate back to the boiler offers an exceptional return on investment by helping to cut energy and maintenance costs. Even recovering small quantities, such as the discharge from a single steam trap will, over time, result in a significant saving. Here are some examples of where savings can be made through condensate return –

  • Lower make-up water costs

When condensate leaves a steam trap, it still contains approximately 25% of the original heat energy that was within the steam before condensing. If this hot condensate is recovered and returned to the boiler, it can reduce amount of cold make-up water needed is.

  • Lower chemical costs

Reducing the amount of fresh water make-up that enters the boiler also substantially lowers the amount of water treatment required - again lowering operating costs.

  • Boiler feedwater quality

Since condensate is distilled water, which contains almost no total dissolved solids, returning more condensate to the feedtank reduces the need for blowdown. This reduces the concentration of dissolved solids in the boiler water, which in turn, lowers the amount of energy lost from the boiler through boiler blowdown.

 How can effective condensate management help to protect process equipment?

Removing condensate from your heat exchange and process equipment improves heat transfer efficiency and provides more stable operating conditions. It helps to avoid damage to equipment that can occur through waterhammer (when slugs of condensate move around the system), and corrosion of heating surfaces.

Spirax Sarco’s range of condensate recovery solutions are specifically designed to efficiently remove and recover condensate under all operating conditions, and our team of expert steam engineers are on hand to advise you on the best solutions for your needs.

 Worried about contamination? We’ve got a solution

It’s important to prevent contamination from entering a boiler’s feed water system through returned condensate. We have a range of precise and reliable solutions to monitor condensate returns ensuring any contaminated condensate is diverted to drain, avoiding malfunction and process interruption in your plant.

Condensate Recovery Brochure

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