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The hot news in steam

​Discover the latest Spirax Sarco news, and see copies of the Spirax Sarco customer newsletter, Connexions.

Service Contracts the easy way to achieve operational efficiency24/05/2019
Steam, broilers, and biomass boilers21/01/2019
Guide aims to help plant managers enhance their knowledge of steam07/12/2018
Steam systems all go at cancer research facility28/11/2018
Enhance steam quality with new HACCP guide07/11/2018
Putting steam efficiency in the driving seat22/10/2018
IHEEM champions steam systems training08/10/2018
Maximise safety, efficiency and productivity with wireless steam trap monitoring19/09/2018
New guide unlocks the secrets to boilerhouse efficiency18/07/2018
New audit capability to future-proof the potential of your steam system12/07/2018
Strathmore foods secures sustainable future through steam04/07/2018
Steam users urged to capitalise on benefits of condensate recovery13/02/2018
Adding steam to a biomass system can turn a good opportunity into an unmissable one18/01/2018
A sweet partnership: Ragus Pure Sugars celebrates 10 years with steam specialist15/01/2018
Are you ready to start seeing serious savings in your process liquid heating?20/11/2017
Tomorrow's Engineers Week at Spirax Sarco06/11/2017
The food and beverage industry needs to put steam at the top of the ingredients list29/09/2017
Metal refiner cuts costs following steam system audit14/07/2017
Manual boiler blowdown responsible for boilerhouse overspending11/07/2017
Cheltenham Science Group partners with Spirax Sarco05/06/2017
A modern control valve for today’s demanding industries03/05/2017
Stroud residents hear Holloway whistle sound for first time in 40 years07/04/2017
Holloways’ whistle blows off steam in 40 year first27/01/2017
Cheltenham partnership celebrates 15 years by going the extra mile16/12/2016
Spirax Sarco launches UK-wide valve refurbishment30/11/2016
Concerns raised over maintenance practices for high limit control valves24/11/2016
MS Society receives support from Spirax Sarco17/11/2016
Conventional heat transfer equipment is failing British industry31/10/2016
New £1.2 million research programme to explore waste heat to electrical power conversion27/10/2016
Steam pipework advisory notice as boiler and system start-up season approaches10/10/2016
Johnson Matthey overhauls steam distribution network with Spirax Sarco21/09/2016
New Facility Enhances Traceability and Validation for Industrial Clean Steam Users12/07/2016
New boiler house safety training course09/02/2016
New White Paper from Spirax Sarco highlights the future of brewing16/10/2015
STAPS Wireless - hassle-free, energy-saving steam trap monitoring14/09/2015
Spirax Sarco announces partnership with SUEZ02/09/2015
​“Easy decision” to upgrade to Spirax Sarco’s heat exchanger systems cuts Leighton Hospital’s water heating costs by 10-15%17/08/2015
Spirax Sarco Receives Royal Recognition22/07/2015
Spirax Sarco UK Accredited with Investors in People Bronze Standard07/07/2015
Spirax Sarco water flowmeter simplifies boiler efficiency measurement29/05/2015
Spirax Sarco UK acquires Valve and Control Engineering LTD (VCE)21/05/2015
Spirax Sarco Engineering plc wins Excellence in International Trade Award21/05/2015
Spirax Sarco has been ranked one of the top 10 companies (smaller intake) for graduates to work for at the 'Job Crowd Awards'19/05/2015
Spirax Sarco’s new B850 Boiler House Energy Monitor makes it easy to measure true steam boiler efficiency07/05/2015
Spirax Sarco receive a Queen’s Award for Innovation20/04/2015
Win an iPad Air 30/03/2015
Spirax Sarco showcases energy expertise at 2015 HefmA National Conference20/02/2015
Spirax Sarco helps Blackpool Victoria Hospital save more than £274,000 annually to heat water30/01/2015
Greencore slashes gas bill by £30,000 with a Spirax Sarco heat exchanger system09/01/2015
New pressurised deaerator system cuts boiler house energy and operating costs01/10/2014
New White Paper explains how the Healthcare sector can improve the energy efficiency of steam systems, reduce risk and cut emissions01/10/2014
Spirax Sarco products and expertise help to end production woes for Sarval25/09/2014
Spirax Sarco heat exchanger systems help Eastbourne Hospital meet NHS emissions guidance25/09/2014
Spirax Sarco congratulates FDF Food and Drink Engineer of the Year James Cheema of Nestlé UK and Ireland22/09/2014
Spirax Sarco showcases energy expertise at Healthcare Estates 201404/09/2014
Flash steam recovery trims Biomar’s gas bill around 10 Per Cent11/08/2014
Spirax Sarco introduces delivery within 48 hours for Spira-trol™ control valves21/07/2014
New healthcare animation showcases the benefits to hospitals of Spirax Sarco products and services11/07/2014
Spirax Sarco White Paper analyses cost benefits of condensate recovery in steam systems04/07/2014
New White Paper explains how to unlock energy savings and lower maintenance costs in steam boiler feedwater storage systems23/06/2014
Spirax Sarco shows ‘commitment to quality’ in £1.5m boiler house project11/06/2014
Spirax Sarco and Dallol Energy’s partnership helps Ignis Wick to heat Scottish homes with renewable energy06/05/2014
New White Paper reveals how microturbine technology is turning pressure reduction into electrical energy savings06/05/2014
Microturbines turn steam pressure reduction into electricity to cut utility costs01/05/2014
New contamination monitoring system protects steam boilers and enables energy recovery14/04/2014
Fast-fit steam flow meter pinpoints energy savings at point of use25/03/2014
Heat Transfer White Paper explains modern solutions for increased efficiency07/03/2014
Spirax Sarco delivers energy saving steam project for € 340 million new build hospital19/02/2014
Spirax Sarco White Paper outlines benefits of clean steam29/01/2014
Spirax Sarco controls improve production efficiency at Piramal Healthcare13/01/2014
AB World Foods will save 708 tonnes of CO2 with Spirax Sarco steam trap management10/05/2013
New Water Treatment White Paper highlights cost and efficiency savings04/04/2013
Spirax Sarco helps Northumbrian Water halve its steam raising energy09/01/2013
Doncaster Royal Infirmary implements on-demand technology to replace conventional heating and hot water calorifiers19/10/2012
Laundry saves around £30,000 thanks to Spirax Sarco flash steam recovery12/09/2012
Spirax Sarco breathes new life into research centre steam system22/12/2007
An introductory guide to steam tables - Chris Coleman, Condensate Handling Specialist30/05/2019
Whet your appetite for steam with bite-size education15/05/2019
What are the 7 fundamentals of steam - Chris Coleman, Condensate Handling Specialist18/04/2019
Process is King - Keep your process working at its peak - Darren Silverthorn, National Controls & Metering Specialist 05/04/2019
Getting back to peak performance with steam - Alistair Wilson, Beatson Institute for Cancer Research01/04/2019
Delivering optimum performance where you need it most - Angelo Giambrone, Business Development Manager 01/04/2019
Take control of your process by staying one step-ahead - Darren Silverthorn, National Controls & Metering Specialist14/03/2019
Go Back to Basics to Harness Your Steam Systems Potential with Our Introductory Course - Sally O’Connell, Training Centre Manager06/03/2019
Don’t Google it – the answers to the frequently asked questions on steam are right here - Chris Colman, Condensate Handling05/02/2019
Is steam the key ingredient in protecting our future food supply - Francisco Pedrosa, Clean Steam Specialist 18/01/2019
The easy way to keep your steam system performing to its full potential - Mat King, Survey and Audit Manager03/01/2019
Driving Up Plant Efficiency for Iconic Car Manufacturers – Angelo Giambrone, Business Development Manager12/12/2018
IHEEM champions our steam systems training - Sally O’Connell, Training Centre Manager26/11/2018
5 Clean steam considerations for a HACCP analysis - Francisco Pedrosa, Clean Steam Specialist 08/11/2018
3 ways to unlock your steam systems full potential - Mat King, Survey & Audit Manager24/10/2018
Your introduction to the world of steam - Sally O’Connell, UK Steam Technology Centre Manager15/10/2018
Achieving a clean bill of health with steam - Angelo Giambrone, Business Development Manager26/09/2018
Are your wash-downs wasting water? There's something you can do about it. Dave Bird, Divisional Sales Manager10/09/2018
Rising fuel prices – what you need to know, Mat King - Business Development Manager29/08/2018
#INWED: how we celebrated the women raising the bar in engineering - Caroline Ellis, Group Recruitment Manager08/08/2018
5 ways to boost boiler house efficiency - Chris Colman, Condensate Handling24/07/2018
How lasting relationships can deliver exceptional results - Rebecca Berry, Proactive Sales Coordinator29/06/2018
Could jet heaters hold the key to zero maintenance - Mike Griffin, Emerging and Innovative Technologies Manager24/05/2018
4 interesting facts you didn't know about condensate - Chris Coleman, Boilerhouse National Specialist 17/05/2018
How to use condensate to hit emissions targets - Chris Coleman, Boilerhouse National Specialist03/05/2018
Two powerful uses for condensate your plant shouldn't be missing - Chris Coleman, Boilerhouse National Specialist16/04/2018
UK's oldest running diesel engine roars into life thanks to the power of pressure - Paul Evans, Curator22/03/2018
Fouling or clogging getting you down? Instantaneous Jet Heaters could be the answer you’re looking for - Mike Griffin, Emerging and Innovative Technologies Manager18/02/2018
The what's and why's of condensate management - Chris Coleman, Boilerhouse National Specialist06/02/2018
What?! Steam can improve biomass?! You bet it can! - Angelo Giambrone, Business Development Manager18/01/2018
Braving the storm why businesses should be investing in new technology - Paul Hardman, Business Development Manager 21/12/2017
What does a clean steam process look like - Francisco Pedrosa, Clean Steam Specialist13/12/2017
Could a bottom blowdown valve hold the key to an unmanned boiler house - Mike Griffin, Emerging Technology13/11/2017
The eight advantages of a clean steam process - Francisco Pedrosa, Clean Steam Specialist30/10/2017
How to rapidly reduce your legionella risk - Angelo Giambrone, UK Industry Marketing & Specialist Support 23/10/2017
The hidden costs of manual boiler blowdown - Mike Griffin, Emerging Technology17/10/2017
Combining a love of learning with a passion for doing - Rebecca McGinty, Research Engineer10/10/2017
Why a plug & play steam system could be a no-brainer for your plant - Andrew Prew, Market Development Manager 27/09/2017
When it comes to working with gold, it’s time for us to think green! - Darren Matthias, Project Manager at Vale Europe21/09/2017
Plate heat exchangers a must for the modern hospital plant room - Paul Hardman, Business Development Heat Transfer04/09/2017
How can servicing and support pay for itself? Mathew King, Business Development Manager31/08/2017
Condensate recovery make 80 your magic number - Michael Hyde, Business Development Manager23/08/2017
Inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers - Dave Watson, Director, Cheltenham Science Group16/08/2017
Emily Robinson: From designer dresses to a year in industry08/08/2017
Boiler Controls: making your steam system better than the sum of its parts - Michael Hyde, Regional Business Development Manager31/07/2017
As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be an engineer - Matthew Conder, Technician Apprentice, Spirax Sarco26/07/2017
International women’s day-why innovation can’t exist without diversity - Amanda Capon – Head of HR, WMFTG23/06/2017
Celebrating 50 years at 10,000 feet for national star - Mateusz (Matt) Podsiadly, Year in Industry student20/06/2017
Nashtara Islam: My journey to Project Engineer16/06/2017
Stacks of success at the Young Enterprise-Rebecca Carter, Graduate13/06/2017
Why context is everything with hot water buffer vessels - Paul Hardman, Regional Business Development Manager30/05/2017
All aboard-how the Holloway steam whistle returned to its rightful home - David Oliver, Research Test Engineer15/05/2017
The Five Hidden Benefits of Valve Refurbishment - Frank Milloy, Valve and Control Engineering Operations Director03/05/2017
Spreading a little sweetness for children in need this Easter - Suzanne Baldwin, Senior Marketing Intelligence Analyst20/04/2017
9 reasons to make this the year to invest in steam systems training - Sally O’Connell, UK Steam Technology Centre Manager13/04/2017
How one chemicals specialist took back control of its steam system - Colin Atkinson, Area Sales Engineer 31/03/2017
My journey from a year in industry student to technical proposals engineer - Rajinder Sidhu, Technical Proposals Engineer10/03/2017
How steam played a powerful role for a local cause - Jeremy Miller, Group Research and Solutions Manager27/02/2017
Valve regulations - how to stay on the right side of the law - Frank Milloy, Spirax Sarco’s Valve and Control Engineering Operations Director 16/02/2017
Process steam: don’t fall into the trap - Rob Lee, Survey & Audit Support Team Leader18/01/2017
Five reasons to refurb your valves - Frank Milloy, Spirax Sarco’s Valve and Control Engineering Operations Director30/11/2016
HACCP: Seven useful steps - Francisco Pedrosa, Clean Steam 16/11/2016
Calling all boiler operators: don’t underestimate the art of the start - John Pickering, Major Projects26/10/2016
National Star College: A cause well worth going the extra mile for - Ciara O’Sullivan, Spirax Sarco in the community21/10/2016
Definitely not another HACCP explanation blog - Francisco Pedrosa, Clean Steam13/10/2016
Does your steam pass the taste test? - Francisco Pedrosa, Clean Steam28/09/2016
Risky business – Why failing to train means training to fail – Sally O’Connell, Training22/09/2016
MY MS, MY LIFE – Rachel Child, Spirax Sarco in the community09/09/2016
Reaching new heights in the name of charity - Karen Doel, Spirax Sarco in the community31/08/2016
A giant leap for clean steam - Francisco Pedrosa, Clean Steam03/08/2016


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