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Flash Steam Peeling

Vegetables such as root crops are fed in batches into the peeler. High pressure steam is introduced causing rapid heating of the food surface layer.
The pressure is then instantly released causing steam to form under the vegetable skin, which flashes off.

Single Evaporator Stage with Condensate Contamination Detection

Evaporators are an effective method of concentrating food products.
It is possible to increase the efficiency of the evaporation process by using thermocompressors to recycle the vapour as a heating medium, using the process vapour to preheat incoming feed liquor, and using several evaporator effects, each using vapour from the previous effect as a direct heating medium (each effect operating at a progressively lower pressure).
PLC control is normally used to adjust pressures / temperatures and flowrates.
Condensate contamination detection may be required to ensure the condensate can be returned to the boiler feedtank.

Direct Steam Injection for Cooking and Blending

Direct steam heating is a suitable method for heating products if the steam is of culinary quality and the product - in this case soup - can be diluted.It may be combined with other heating methods such as jacketed vessels.
Steam injection is efficient, inexpensive and provides agitation.The steam may be injected using sparge pipes for low pressure steam or injector nozzles for higher pressures. In-pipeline injection is also increasingly common.

Jacketed Vessels and Boiling Pans


Steam Supply to Continuous Hydrostatic Steriliser

Steam is used to heat the hydrostatic legs, pressurise the steam chest, heat the detergent bath, aid controlled cooling and dry the cans.
The water in the hydrostatic legs for a hydrostatic steriliser will be pasteurised during the bringing up procedure, however a plate heat exchanger may be used to maintain temperature and heat shower water.
Spirax Sarco pressure controls, steam traps and ancillaries are shown.

Conveyor Dryer

Different methods of drying food usually require the production of hot air. In many instances, and particularly as food plant often have steam on site already, steam is used to heat the air using air heater batteries.
Conditioning of process hot air may be required as the air used to supply equipment such as fluidised bed dryers, belt or tunnel dryers is often required to come into direct contact with the food product.

Juice Pasteurisation for Aseptic Packaging

Spirax Sarco sensors, controllers, temperature control valves and condensate removal equipment are all shown in the diagram and play an important role in process accuracy and efficiency.
An APT14 automatic pump trap may be required if process conditions create a risk of stall.

Filtered (Culinary) Steam

A CSF16 stainless steel steam filter is shown.

EasiHeat™ Unit for Process Hot Water / CIP

The compact skid mounted EasiHeat™ is a packaged solution to your heat exchange requirements.
The unit shown above incorporates fully matched components and provides instantaneous hot water at stable temperatures, removing the need for a secondary circuit buffer tank.
We can also offer bespoke hot water heating packages for requirements up to 4.2 MW, or 10 MW for special requirements.

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