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Boiler Water Pre-treatment

Boiler Water Pre-treatment

Raw water impurities fluctuate widely across different regions in New Zealand, and also locally depending on the water source. For example, the Rotorua area has high silica content from volcanic rock formations with geothermal activity, and areas around Gisborne and coastal Manuwatu have hard water with high mineral content.

It is imperative that raw water is properly treated prior to use in a boiler. The type and level of impurities need to be analysed carefully, and considerable expertise applied to create the most effective water treatment solution. This will minimise chemical deposits (or “scale”) on the boiler that originates from the water.

Scale that needs to be avoided includes silica, which forms a very dense glass-like layer, and is extremely difficult to remove; permutations of calcium / magnesium and carbonate / sulphate deposits which are crystallised and dense, and finally iron or rust. Proper water treatment will ensure minimal scale and deliver longevity and efficiency of the boiler and steam system, and lower fuel and maintenance costs. 

Depending on the raw water analysis, a variety of pre-treatment methods (or combinations of methods) ensure that water entering the boiler is of the appropriate quality. Talk to one of our experts to learn which is most-suited for your site, and how we can help to integrate this.



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