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Reducing your life-time costs of controls

From small (DN15, 1/2") to large (DN300, 12"), from low (PN16/ Calss 125) to high pressure (PN100/ Class 600), Spirax Sarco control valves can meet almost any process control application with minimal total cost of ownership (TCO).

Spirax Sarco offer an expanded range of SpiraTrol™ Control Valves that deliver low total cost of ownership through their reliability, simple commissioning, ease of maintenance, wide choice of options and superior support.

Easy Inline Maintenance  

Spira-trol™ valves can be maintained without being removed from the pipeline and their components can be replaced without the need for special tools.
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Hassle free - with quick and easy installation and low maintenance requirements

Self-aligning, clamp-in-place internals avoid the difficulties caused by conventional screw-in seats that can seize in place requiring the valve to be removed from the pipeline, causing lengthy shutdown. All trim components are designed to clamp in place so the valve can quickly be configured to the user’s specific process needs. During assembly the seat and plug are self-aligning using the clamp in place cage retained design. The simplicity of build also means that maintenance is quick and easy, with no special tools required.

Increased stem seal life

Top and bottom guided valve stem ensures excellent alignment and long stem seal life. Scraper and dust rings ensure the stem seal is not damaged by the flow media or particles form the atmosphere. Viton ‘O’ rings ensure excellent sealing in low pressure and temperature media.

Long-life valve internals

When compared to alternative designs, the cage retained seat and plug of the Spirax Sarco Spira-trol™ provides the user with better valve shut-off performance and reduced leakage across the seat. Hard trim materials as standard, designed for steam, giving a high resistance to erosion and corrosion on an extensive range of media. Large gallery area reduces the flow velocity, body erosion and noise output.


Flexible and adaptable to process needs

Spira-trol™ valves can also be reconfigured to suit new demands easily, while stockholding costs for spares are minimised because Spira-trol™ components can be used with several different valves. Appropriate for most industrial fluids, the Spira-trol™ Control Valve offers a single solution across your control valve applications.

Valve Comparison

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