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Pharmaceutical Applications

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Pure Water Production, Storage and Distribution


Steam is not directly used to produce purified water (E.g. USP) however it is used to keep the system up to temperature. The vent filter may also be steam heated.

Every three days, the deionizer is given a steam-heated hot water flush at 62°C. Once a week, the exchanger brings the rest of the system up to 82°C for sterilisation purposes.

The APT14 automatic pump trap protects the efficiency of the heat exchanger by effectively removing condensate even under stall conditions. 


Bespoke Heat Exchanger Package for Process Hot Water

Spirax Sarco can provide a complete range of packaged steam heat exchange systems for process and domestic hot water. Our standard range includes the Easiheat™ unit, suitable for loads up to 1 800 kW. The unit shown is one of our bespoke packages producing process hot water and rated to 2.0 MW. Systems up to 10 MW are available.

Pressure Reduction of Filtered Plant Steam


Pressure reduction may be required for clean steam distribution, centrifuges, freeze dryers, sterilisers, autoclaves, humidifiers and process vessels.

Spirax Sarco produce a range of direct acting pressure reducing valves suitable for the task, the SRV461 and SRV463 (all wetted parts 316L) and SRV66 (all 316L construction) The SRV66 has clean in place (CIP) capability.


Indirect Humidification

Heated air coming off air handling units may require humidification to keep it within the tight band requirements for production, a typical value being between 40 and 60% RH.
Humidification may be carried out directly; or indirectly (below), using steam to heat purified water, with the result that the air is humidified using clean steam.


The BT6 316L stainless steel balanced pressure steam trap, specifically designed for hygienic applications, is shown, as is the BT6HC high capacity version for high condensate loads and CIP/SIP fluids.
The M60 is a clean ball valve for use in high purity and aseptic processes. Applications include sterile barriers, CIP/SIP and general process isolation.

Typical Process Vessel Block and Bleed System

The layout ensures effective condensate drainage during sterilisation and sterile barrier operations.

Specially designed steam traps prevent blockage and back up of condensate even when process fluids are present.


Jacketed Pan and Product Line

The diagram shows the steam system layout for sterilisation of the jacketed vessel. Different isolating valves are opened and closed depending on whether product is being processed in the vessel, the product line is being sterilised, the vessel is being sterilised, or product is being drained.

A range of Spirax Sarco steam traps, specifically designed for hygienic applications, is shown, each being manufactured in 316L stainless steel and suited to the different demands created by its role in the system.

The BT6 is a balanced pressure thermostatic steam trap. The BTM7 is a maintainable balanced pressure thermostatic steam trap. The BTD52L thermodynamic steam trap is specifically for mains drainage applications in clean steam systems.

The M60 is a clean ball valve for use in high purity and aseptic processes. Applications include sterile barriers, CIP/SIP and general process isolation.


Autoclave (Filtered Steam Supply)

Products shown include the Spirax Sarco CSF16 steam filter, BTD52L thermodynamic steam trap for clean steam mains drainage, M60 isolation valve, BT6 thermostatic balanced pressure trap in 316L stainless steel, FTS14 stainless steel ball float trap for process drainage, SRV66 safety valve for clean service. The BTM7 maintainable thermostatic trap is shown being used as an air vent.

A clean steam generator may be used to supply clean steam to the autoclave body. The jacket may still be supplied with plant steam.

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