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Dampftechnologie Mit Zukunft
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Wärmetauscher mit aktiver Kondensatableitung und Nachdampf-Energie-Rückgewinnung

Recovering energy from condensate using a flash vessel and flash cooler.

Heat Exchanger with Flash Cooling and Active Drainage

Beschreibung der Bauteile

Teil Bauteil Funktion
1 Separator to protect the steam make-up valve from wet steam
2 Isolation Valve to isolate the installation from the steam supply
3 Strainer to protect the control valve from detritus
4 Self-acting Control Valve to regulate the steam flow to the heat exchanger
5 Check Valve to prevent the ingress of air into the condensate system
6 Temperature Controller to sense and control the heater outlet water temperature
7 - 12 inc. Separator Steam Trap Set
13 Air Vent to vent air from the condensate system
14 Isolation Valve to isolate the heat exchanger from the flash vessel
15 Strainer to protect the heater float trap from detritus
16 Check Valve to prevent the pump steam supply trap from backflow
17 Isolation Valve to isolate the steam trap set from the flash vessel
18 Ball Float Steam Trap to drain the heat exchanger of condensate
19 Sight Check Valve to prevent condensate backflow
20 Flash Vessel to separate the flash steam and condensate from the heater
21 - 23 inc. Pump Steam Supply Steam Trap Set
24 Isolation Valve to isolate the pump from the steam supply
25 Check Valve to ensure directional flow through the pump
26 Condensate Pump to pump condensate from the receiver
27 Check Valve to ensure directional flow through the pump
28 Isolation Valve to isolate the pump from the condensate system
29 Drain Valve to drain the pump and condensate riser for maintenance

Tabelle der Bauteile

Teil Bauteil Bronze Grauguss SG iron Stahl Edelstahl Produktdetails
1 Separator S3 S5, S7 S6, S8 Separators & Insulation Jackets
2 Bellows Sealed Stop Valve BSA1 BSA2 BSA3 Bellows Sealed Stop Valves
3 Strainer (flanged) Fig 3 Fig 33 Fig 37 Fig 34 Fig 36 Strainers & Filters
4 Control Valve (flanged) KA33 or KB33 KA43 or KB43 or KC43 Control Valves
6 Self-acting Controller SA121 or SA128 Sensor and Actuator Self-acting Controls
7, 10, 12, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28, 29 Ball Valve M10 M10 Ball Valves
5, 8, 16 Lift Check Valve LCV1 LCV2 Check Valves
9, 18, 23 Ball Float Steam Trap with Monitor IFT14 Steam Trap Performance Monitoring
11, 15, 22 Strainer (screwed) Fig 1, or 12 Fig 12SG Fig 14 Fig 16 Strainers & Filters
13 Air Vent AV13 AVC32 Air Vents & Air Eliminators
20 Flash Vessel FV Type Flash Vessel TDS Blowdown Controls
25, 27 Disc Check Valve DCV1 DCV2, 3 or 4 Check Valves
26 Automatic Pump MFP14 Automatic Pump Pressure Powered Pumps
19 Sight / Check Valve Sight Check Sight Glasses