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Active Drainage System with Separate Condensate Lines

Heat Exchangers


Active Drainage System with Separate Condensate Lines


Using a mechanical pump and float trap to drain a heat exchanger into a flooded condensate system.

Active Drainage System with Separate Condensate Lines

Component Descriptions

1Isolation Valveto isolate the installation from the steam supply
2Separatorto protect the installation from wet steam
3Strainerto protect the control valve from detritus
4Hi-limit Control Valveto protect the installation from overtemperature
5Pressure Reducing Valveto reduce pressure to the system
6Pressure Gaugeto monitor the reducing valve set pressure
7Air Regulatorto regulate the air supply to the valve positioner
8Electronic Controllerto signal the control valve to move position
9Isolation Valveto monitor the set pressure of the reducing valve
10Pneumatic Actuatorto drive the control valve
11E/P Positionerto position the valve correctly at all loads
12Control Valveto regulate the steam flow to the heat exchanger
13Safety Valveto protect the downstream equipment from overpressure
14Pressure Gaugeto monitor the heat exchanger supply pressure
15Plate Heat Exchangerto heat the secondary liquid
16Hi-limit Sensorto sense the secondary water for overtemperature
17Temperature Sensorto sense the secondary water for temperature
18 - 23 inc.Separator Steam Trap Set
24Hi-limit Cut Outto close the hi-limit valve shut on overtemperature
25Isolation Valveto isolate the pump from the steam supply
26Strainerto protect the pump and drain trap from detritus
27 - 32 inc.Pump Steam Supply Steam Trap Set
33Condensate Pumpto pump the condensate from the heat exchanger
34Check Valveto prevent the ingress of air into the condensate system
35Air Ventto release air from the pump and reservoir
36Isolation Valveto isolate the pump from the condensate system
37Check Valveto ensure directional flow through the pump
38Ball Float Steam Trapto pass condensate from the heat exchanger
39Check Valveto ensure directional flow through the pump

Table of Parts

Part ComponentBronzeCast ironSG ironSteelStainless steelProduct details
6, 14, 40Pressure Gauge100 mm Diameter Pressure Gauge with 'U' or Ring Syphon PipesPressure Gauges & Temperature Gauges
7Air Filter / RegulatorSpirax-Monnier MPC2 High Efficiency Filter / Regulator Air SetFilter/Regulators
11PositionerSP200 Electropneumatic PositionerPositioners, Controllers & Sensors
10Pneumatic ActuatorPN9000 Series Pneumatic ActuatorPneumatic Actuators
12Control ValveKE73KE43KE63Control Valves
13Safety ValveSV73SV607SV74, SV604SV606Safety Valves
8Electronic ControllerSX25, SX75 Series ControllerPositioners, Controllers & Sensors
2SeparatorS3S5, S7S6, S8Separators & Insulation Jackets
1, 9Bellows Sealed Stop ValveBSA1BSA2BSA3Bellows Sealed Stop Valves
3, 22, 26, 31StrainerFig 3Fig 33Fig 37Fig 34Fig 36Strainers & Filters
5Pressure Reducing ValveDP27Pressure Reducing & Surplussing Valves
35Air VentAV13AVC32Air Vents & Air Eliminators
4Control ValveKA33 or KB33KA43, KB43 or KC43Control Valves
24High Limit Cut-outHL10 High Limit Cut-outSelf-acting Controls
16Control SystemType 130 Control SystemControl Valves
17Temperature SensorEL2200 Temperature SensorControl Valves
19, 28, 34, 37, 39Disc Check ValveDCV2, 3 or 4Check Valves
18, 21, 23, 25, 27, 30, 32, 36, 41Ball ValveM10 or M20M10 or M20Ball Valves
20, 29, 38Ball Float Steam TrapFT43FT14FT44FT46Ball Float Steam Traps
15Plate Heat ExchangerBall Valves
33Automatic PumpMFP14MFP14SMFP14SSPressure Powered Pumps