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Year In Industry

Come and join our exciting Year in Industry Scheme based in the beautiful location of Cheltenham in the Cotswolds. You may have opportunities to spend time at our sister company - Watson Marlow in Falmouth.
We believe in our people, they lie at the core of our business. We have high expectations of their performance with support, investment and career development to match.

Roles Available:
  • Group Product Management/Marketing Department
  • Research/Design Department
  • Manufacturing/Production Department
  • Technical Sales Department
  • Computing/Software/IT/Cyber/Electronics Departments
The year will be tailored based on when the student joins and their specific interests. It could involve time spent designing products, research, development and testing, manufacturing, sales, software development or IT related.

Degrees Accepted
  • Engineering Disciplines 
  • Engineering with business or finance
  • Physics
  • Mathematics 
  • Computer Science/Cyber Security/IT

We are looking for people who are part way through an undergraduate degree course.

 Join our 2019 Year In Industry Scheme!
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