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Other Software

Spirax Sarco provides a range of software to support our customers. Our range includes products like boilerhouse automation systems (in certain markets) and support materials like CAD drawings, product sizing software, firmware updates and a calculator to help solve common steam engineering problems.

Wireless TVA




M850 & B850

M850 Configuration Software

M850 Reporting Software


SNAP (Steam Needs Analysis Program)

SNAP Four is the latest version of the product sizing software for our US product range.

CASSIO & CAD Support

Our CAD Library contains a comprehensive set of 2D CAD drawings covering a large range of steam products and applications in every day use. AutoCAD users can download a menu to integrate with the latest versions of AutoCAD to access product drawings offline. AutoCAD users can also use 'I-drop' to drag and drop from the online CAD library directly into their drawings.


We have a broad range of calculators designed to help you solve many of the common steam system problems.

We also provide an energy savings calculator to give an indication of the possible savings which could be achieved through steam trap surveys and maintenance schedules.

Withdrawn Titles

The following titles have now been withdrawn and are no longer supported:

  • Spiracalc
  • Steam Trace
  • Trap Select
  • Metercom