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CAD Library

We offer different CAD libraries to cater for various user requirements. Please read the descriptions below to find out which is right for you.

3D Model Library

3D Product Model

The product models contained in this library are to scale and accurately represent our products (not internals). Therefore, the models can be used in 3D plant design for detailed layout and sizing purposes.

The models are available in AutoCAD DWG, ACIS SAT or STEP file formats.




2D Product Drawing Library

Product Drawing Boiler Controls & Systems | Flowmetering | Control Systems | Steam Traps | Condensate Pumps & Energy Recovery |  Pipeline Ancillaries |  Humidification |  Compressed Air |  Packaged Systems

The product drawings contained in this library are for illustration purposes and are useful to help you create system/application schematic drawings of your designs. The drawings are not to scale so it is not recommended to use them for detailed layout or sizing purposes.  The drawings are available in AutoCAD DWG or Windows WMF file formats.



2D Application Drawing Library

Application Drawing Boiler House |  Control |  Flowmetering |  Steam Trapping |  Condensate & Flash Steam Recovery |  Clean Steam |  Process |  Industries

To complement our 2D Product Drawing Library, we have created examples of different applications found in a steam plant. The drawings have been created using the 2D Product Drawing Library, so can be used as the basis for your own designs and modified to your specific requirements. The application drawings are not to scale. The drawings are available in AutoCAD DWG or Windows WMF file formats.



CASSIO Offline 2D Drawing Library

CASSIO CD Cover Request CASSIO |  CASSIO Downloads

CASSIO is our 2D drawing software that is designed to be installed under AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT. In addition to the same 2D drawings found in our online libraries, the software also contains various pipework tools and wizards to help speed up drawing production.




Frequently Asked Questions

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Find answers to questions frequently asked about CASSIO and our online drawing libraries.